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Evaluation of 5 Web Scrapers in 2021 | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2021-11-26 09:51:18

Abstract:This article will evaluate 5 web scrapers in 2021. ScrapeStormFree Download

1) Scrapingbee

Scrapingbee is a web scraping API that handles headless browsers and proxy management. You can run Javascript on the web page and rotate the proxy on every request so you can get the original HTML page without being blocked. There is also an API dedicated to Google search scraping


・Supports JavaScript rendering

・ Automatic proxy rotation

・ Can be used directly in Google Spreadsheets

・ Useful for Amazon scraping

・ Supports Google search scraping



2) Scrapestack

Scrapestack is a real-time web scraping REST API. Over 2000 companies use Scrapestack to trust this dedicated API supported by apilayer. The scarestack API allows you to quickly scrape web pages and handle millions of proxy IPs, browsers and CAPTCHAs.


・Can use over 35 million data centers and global IP addresses

・ Access over 100 global locations and send web scraping requests

・ API can be requested at the same time

・Can support CAPTCHA resolution and JavaScript rendering



3) Scraping-Bot is an efficient tool for scraping data from URLs.

We provide an API that meets your scraping needs. A common API for retrieving RawHTML for pages, an API for scraping retail websites, and an API for scraping property lists from real estate websites.


・JS rendering (Headless Chrome)

・High quality proxy

・Page HTML

・Up to 20 simultaneous requests


・One month free trial of basic plan



4) Web Sundew

Web Sundew is a complete web data extraction software and service. Scraping web data with high accuracy and high speed. A Windows-only web scraping tool that can draw information from various websites such as e-commerce, real estate, and IT.


・Pricing policy according to complexity

・Provide data extraction service on your behalf

・It is built based on Eclipse



5) Apify

Apify is a web scraping and automation platform that allows you to create APIs for your website. It is a residential and data center proxy optimized for data extraction, including integrated agency services. The Apify Store has a variety of off-the-shelf scraping tools for popular websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google Maps, and custom solutions can scrape and extract at any scale.


・Extract data in structured format

・Extract data from Google search engine results page with Google SERP proxy

・Free trial of $ 5 platform and 30-day proxy


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