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What should I do if the scraped data is duplicated? | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2023-05-08 13:58:07

Abstract:Answer to "What should I do if the scraped data is duplicated?" ScrapeStormFree Download


What should I do if the scraped data is duplicated?


1. Please confirm that you have watched the video tutorial, and confirm that the page type of your task is set correctly, that is, you have not set “Detail Page” to “List Page”, or you have misunderstood the use of loop scraping.

2. The software has the function of Data Deduplication. You can start this function to see if it improves.

For Data Deduplication settings, please refer to the tutorial:

How to Set Data Deduplication

3. Please check whether you have repeated scraping data multiple times or whether you have duplicate data in a single scrape.

When the task is not modified, each running task is scraped from the beginning, so the data is repeated each time.

If duplicate data occurs within a single scrape, please verify that the following conditions are met:

The first type: the duplicate data is the data of the last page. In this case, it is possible that the page cannot be stopped after turning to the last page. Please try to modify the scraping range to see if there is still duplicate data.

The second type: the repeated data is the data of the middle page, and no conclusion can be drawn directly in this case.

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