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The Issues and Challenges with the Web Crawlers | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2021-04-07 17:07:33

Abstract:This article will show you some problems that you may encounter during the crawling process. ScrapeStormFree Download

With the rapid development of the big data era, crawler crawling is particularly important, especially for traditional enterprises in urgent need of transformation and small and medium-sized enterprises that are in urgent need of development. So how should we sort out the data we need from the huge data? Here are some problems that you may encounter during the crawling process.


1. The webpage is updated from time to time

The information on the Internet is constantly updated, so we need to perform operations on a regular basis during the process of crawling information. That is to say, we need to set the time interval for crawling information to avoid updating the server of the crawling website and we do all of them are useless.


2. Some websites block crawling tools

In order to prevent some malicious crawling, some websites will set up anti-crawl programs. You will find that a lot of data is displayed on the browser, but it cannot be crawled.


3. Garbled problem

Of course, after we successfully grab the web page information, it is not possible to perform data analysis smoothly. In many cases, after we grab the web page information, we will find that the information we grab is garbled.


4. Data analysis

In fact, at this point, our work has basically been more than half successful, but the workload of data analysis is very large, and it takes a lot of time to complete a huge data analysis.

First of all, we need to understand that crawler crawling must be carried out within a legal scope. You can learn from other people’s various data and information, but don’t copy it as it is. After all, it is very difficult for others to work hard to write data and various materials.
Of course, crawler crawling requires a program that can run normally. If you can write it yourself, it’s best to run it. If you can’t, there will be many tutorials and source codes on the Internet, but the actual problems that occur in the later period still need to be operated by yourself, for example : The information displayed normally by the browser, but it cannot be displayed normally after we grab it. At this time, we need to view the http header information, we need to analyze which compression method to choose, and we need to select some practical parsing tools later. For people without technical experience, it is indeed difficult.

In short, whether you are manually crawling or crawling with software, you need enough patience and persistence.

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