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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Python | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2021-11-26 09:50:13

Abstract:This article will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of Python. ScrapeStormFree Download

1 Advantages of Python

1) Simple syntax
Compared with the traditional C/C++, Java, C# and other languages, Python has less strict requirements on the code format. This looseness makes the user more comfortable when writing code, without spending too much energy on the details.


2) Python is open source
Open source, that is, open source, meaning that all users can see the source code.

The open source of Python is reflected in two aspects:

① The code written by programmers in Python is open source.

② The Python interpreter and modules are open source.


3) Python is free
Open source does not mean free, open source software and free software are two concepts, but most open source software is also free software; Python is such a language, it is both open source and free.

Users use Python to develop or publish their own programs without paying any fees or worrying about copyright issues. Even for commercial purposes, Python is free.


4) Python is a high-level language
The high-level mentioned here means that Python has a deeper encapsulation and shields many low-level details. For example, Python will automatically manage memory (allocate automatically when needed, and release automatically when not needed).


5) Python is an interpreted language and can be cross-platform
Interpreted languages are generally cross-platform (good portability).


6) Python is powerful (many modules)
Python has many modules, which basically implement all common functions, from simple string processing to complex 3D graphics drawing, it can be easily completed with the help of Python modules.


7) Python is highly scalable
The scalability of Python is reflected in its modules. Python has the richest and most powerful class libraries in scripting languages. These class libraries cover most application scenarios such as file I/O, GUI, network programming, database access, text manipulation, etc. .

The underlying code of these libraries is not necessarily all Python, there are many C/C++ figures. When you need a piece of key code to run faster, you can use C/C++ language to implement, and then call them in Python. Python can “glue” other languages together, so it is called “glue language”.


2 Disadvantages of Python

1) Slow running
Slow running speed is a common problem with interpreted languages, and Python is no exception.
Python is slow not only because it “translates” the source code while running, but also because Python is a high-level language that shields many low-level details. This cost is also very high. Python has to do a lot of work, some of which consume resources, such as managing memory.

Python’s running speed is almost the slowest, not only much slower than C/C++, but also slower than Java.


2) Code encryption is difficult
Unlike the source code of a compiled language that is compiled into an executable program, Python runs the source code directly, so it is more difficult to encrypt the source code.



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