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How to Scrape Websites Without Being Blocked | Web Scraping Tool | ScrapeStorm

2021-04-07 17:06:50

Abstract:This article will show you how to scrape websites without being blocked. ScrapeStormFree Download

Why Web Scraping tools get blocked by websites?

Sometimes, when a website finds an unfamiliar web scraper crawling its website, they will write down the IP address of its source. Then, this IP address will be added to the temporary or permanent block list.
This may prevent your web scraper from crawling any data.


How to prevent ip from being blocked?

1. High anonymity proxy
It is necessary to break through the anti-crawler mechanism of the website, and it is necessary to use the proxy ip to make multiple visits by changing the IP. Multi-threading requires a large number of IPs, and a highly anonymous proxy is used. Otherwise, the target website will detect that you use the proxy IP and reveal your real IP. This will definitely block the IP. It is not the same if you use a high anonymity proxy, and the website will not find it.

ScrapeStorm is a powerful web scraping tool that can extract data from any website.

Best of all, ScrapeStorm has the feature that will allow you to circumvent websites that are blocking your IP.

You can refer to this article: How to set IP Rotation


2. Multi-threaded collection
It is recommended to collect a large amount of data. Multithreading can be used. It can realize multiple tasks simultaneously, and each thread collects different tasks to increase the number of collections.


3. Interval visits

As for the time interval for collecting, you can test the maximum access frequency allowed by the target website first. The closer to the maximum access frequency, the easier it is to block the IP. This requires setting a reasonable time interval to achieve the collection speed. It is also possible to prevent a website from blocking IP by a crawler without being restricted by IP, that is, using multi-threaded collection and assisting with a highly anonymous proxy. It also needs to control the speed of crawler access, which greatly reduces the chance of a website blocking IP.

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